IMEC spin-off XenICs moves to Haasrode

XenICs has rented through intermediation of AXIMAS a floor of 362 m² offices in the Ambachtenlaan 44, the former Jungheinrich building and recently refurbished by the new owner who occupies the main building. Part of the building has already been let by AXIMAS to ISS and only one floor remains for rent. Again proof that there is a market forIMEC spin-off XenICs moves to Haasrode reasonably priced but nicely renovated older buildings.

XenICs is a worldwide manufacturer of infrared detectors for infrared spectroscopy,
non-contact temperature measurement, smart sensors and thermal imaging systems.
XenICs' infrared detectors are based on state of the art InGaAs compound semiconductors and on SiGe microbolometer technology and cover the wavelength ranges from 1 to 14 micrometer. XenICs offers standard OEM products as well as custom design of infrared imaging devices. XenICs originated as a spin-off company from IMEC, Europe's leading research center for the development of state-of-the-art microelectronic and nano-technologies.

October 2000, XenICs was officially established with an initial capital of 3.75 million Euro. In addition to its founders and IMEC, the company shareholders include venture capital firms such as Fortis Private Equity and Dexia Ventures, as well as other local investors. The XenICs staff includes former IMEC employees and several international specialists with many years of experience in infrared technology and products. In June 2003, XenICs raised additional funding of 1,5 million Euro from existing shareholders and new investors, including Software Holding & Finance.

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