3rd FCPAE Europe Forum 2011 - 'Open Innovation & Transnational Entrepreneurship'

Organised by the Association of Chinese Professionals in Belgium (ACPB).

The Federation of Chinese Professional Associations in Europe (FCPAE) consists of more than 40 Chinese professional associations in over a dozen European countries and encompasses thousands of Chinese professionals actively working in various areas in Europe. As the increasing demand of co-operations between Chinese and European enterprises, FCPAE has founded the annual Europe Forum.

The 3rd FCPAE Europe Forum will be hosted by the Association of Chinese Professionals in Belgium (ACPB) on 14th October, 2011. In the forum, delegates of all associations within the framework of FCPAE as well as officials, scholars, innovative scientists and entrepreneurs across China and the European Union (EU) are invited to discuss the future innovative co-operation between China and the EU in Brussels, the capital of Europe.

The goals of the 3rd FCPAE Europe Forum

As many small and medium size innovative enterprises in Europe and China are actively seeking for commercial partners and potential cooperation, FCPAE will take this opportunity to create a network that combines the intelligence and energy from academia, industries and governments. This will foster in-depth discussions on the hot topics between innovative enterprises in Europe and in China, and allow for the exchange of creative opinions from different viewpoints. By means of various formats of communications, the forum will enable the participants to share in the experiences of innovation and cooperation, to broaden the horizon in multi-cultural cooperation, and to seek opportunities and channels which will benefit everyone involved and create a win-win situation.
FCPAE also aims to present a communication platform for Chinese who are willing to launch their enterprises in Europe and for Europeans who intend to extend their business in China.

The topics in the forum

  1. Open innovation
    We will invite the relevant government officials, famed scholars and representatives from industry to discuss the hot topics in the cooperation of Sino-Europe innovative enterprises such as technology transfer and protection of intellectual property, investment in innovative enterprises, mergers and acquisitions. Through the discussions, we will deepen the understanding of open innovation concept to enhance the communication and cooperation between Sino-Europe enterprises.
  2. The experience sharing on transnational entrepreneurship
    In recent years, small and medium size European enterprises thrive to extend their business in China, and Chinese enterprises are also actively looking for partners in Europe. Besides, more and more Chinese who are proficient in technology, management and cross-cultural communications have been getting involved in entrepreneurship in Europe. In this forum we will invite the representatives from European/Chinese small and medium size enterprises and the outstanding European Chinese transnational entrepreneurs to share their experience on innovations and entrepreneurship.

Invited Guests

  • Representatives in small and medium size innovative enterprises in both China and Europe
  • Scholars and relevant governmental officials in both China and Europe
  • Representatives of the innovation centers, the incubation centers and high tech zones in both China and Europe
  • Chinese who are willing to launch innovative enterprises in Europe or Europeans who have the intention to work on China related business.
  • Chinese professionals in Europe.
  • Others who are interested in the contents of the forum.


Working language is English. Literal or oral Chinese translation may be provided if necessary.

09h00:Opening Speech
09h20:Status and Opportunity for Sino-Europe Cooperation
Status and Opportunity for Sino-Europe Cooperation (EU)
- Potentials for science and technology
Cooperation between China and Belgium (Chinese Ambassador in Belgium)
The open innovation in Belgium (Representatives of Belgium)
- The industrial application of development of Hi-Tech development in China and its international cooperation (The ministry of Science and Technology of China)
10h50:Coffee break
11h20:Keynote speech: Instances of the cooperation for Sino-Europe innovative enterprises
  1. Chinese Enterprise Incubator in Belgium
    (China, Mr. Wei GONG, Chairman of the Board, Wuhan East Lake Hi-tech Innovation Centre.)
  2. Umicore Innovation Challenges and Opportunities in China
    (Mr. Philippe Van Der Donckt, Senior Business Development Manager, Umicore, Belgium)
  3. (To-be-confirmed)
14h00:Panel Discussions: Seminar for Sino-Europe Innovative enterprises cooperation
Topic 1: Issues and experience in the collaborations between Chinese and European companies
(Facilitator: Lawyer DeWit, President of the Belgian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce)
15h30:Coffee break
16h00:Topic 2: Excellent opportunity of the cooperation for Sino-Europe innovative enterprises: Smarter planet and the internet of things
(Facilitator: Dr. Zhiwei SONG, BeNeLux Service Area Leader, IBM)
17h30:Closing ceremony
18h30:Reception and Buffet at Chinese Embassy in Brussels
Address: 443-445 Ave. de Tervuren, 1150 Woluwe Saint-Pierre

Contact information and registration

  • Registration deadline: 5th October 2011
  • Registration fee: One-day forum (14th October): €150 (Lunch and dinner included)

    Account number (IBAN): BE55 0016 3808 2244.
    Bank name: BNP Paribas Fortis
    Bank address:Rue Neuve 160, 1000 Bruxelles
  • Registration e-Mail: europeforum2011@fcpae.com


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