Today, organisations are under pressure to do more for their customers and society. As a result they have to question their own processes, culture and business models. The emergent discipline of Service Design has established the role of design thinking in addressing challenges that move beyond individual products and services.

Service Design employs a holistic approach to assess the demand, offerings, and strategies to deliver
services across multiple touchpoints and channels over time. Service Design looks at adding value for both users and providers by improving not only ease of use, satisfaction, or esthetics, but also by improving the systems and operational processes behind them.

This seminar will explore the strategies and processes that professional Service Designers use to tailor services to the desires and needs of the user. Through case studies and interactive sessions, the seminar will demonstrate all the aspects that go into systematic innovation, proposition development and service delivery - covering user research, co-creation and empathic techniques, journey mapping, prototyping, visualisations and service blueprints.

Participants will gain an insight into how these elements are combined to ensure the delivery of exceptional services to customers.

Seminar leader
The seminar is led by Oliver King of Engine Service Design.
Founded in 2000, Engine is one of the world's leading service design and innovation consultancies. From their London studio, a diverse team of designers, strategists, researchers and visualisers work on a wide range of service design and innovation projects for organisations such as Philips, Virgin, The Portuguese Airport Authority, BBC, the InterContinental Hotel Group, Kent County Council and other UK local government authorities. Their work is right at the heart of the development of new tools and methods in service innovation, bringing insights from user and stakeholder experience to designing processes and services.

In this seminar, the following topics are dealt with:
* What is service design and it's role in addressing business and social challenges
* Considerations for integrating design thinking & processes within an organisation
* Tools and techniques to engage with users and staff to enable a co-creative approach to service innovation
* How to prototype service concepts and user experiences to validate concepts and reduce risks
* How to specify service components and propositions to ensure consistent delivery

The seminar takes place in the Namahn design studio and library in Brussels. Directions can be found in the How to reach us section of this site.

The seminar is conducted in English.

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