LICT Workshop on Future Internet

LICT kindly invites you to its workshop on 'Future Internet' that will take place on Friday, February 26th 2010, at 13:00 in Heverlee (ESAT building).

During this workshop Future Internet (FI) will be tackled from different points-of-view. The presentations focus a.o. on the goals, challenges and perspectives of the 'Internet of the Future',
the footprint of the European R&D programs on the development of the Future Internet, Future Internet research at UPM and in Flemish Industry and some specific FI related research challenges.

The speakers are from Alcatel-Lucent, the European Commission, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM), Touchatag, Belgacom, Université Catholique de Louvain and LICT.

Preliminary Program:
13:00 Registration and Coffee
13:30 Welcome
13:35 Internet of the Future: goals, challenges, and perspectives
- Dimitri Papadimitriou, Alcatel-Lucent Bell, editor of cross-ETP vision document on the Future Internet
14:15 The footprint of European R&D Programmes on the development of the Future Internet
- Franco Accordino,Scientific Officer & Assistant to the Director Directorate F 'Emerging Technologies and Infrastructures'
- European Commission, DG Information Society and Media
14:45 Internet of the Future Research @ UPM
- Javier Lopez, UPM
15:15 Internet of the Future in (Flemish) Industry
- Toon Coppens - founder of Touchatag
- speaker from Belgacom (t.b.d.)
16:00 Coffee Break
16:30 Internet of the Future Research Challenges
- distributed systems
Wouter Joosen, K.U.Leuven/Distrinet (t.b.c.)
- security/privacy
Bart Preneel, K.U.Leuven/COSIC
- User experiences with the Internet of the Future
David Geerts, K.U.Leuven/CUO
- impact of Future Internet on HW development
Georges Gielen, K.U.Leuven/MICAS
- infrastructure
Olivier Bonaventure, UCL
17:50 Closing
18:00 Reception

Participation to the workshop is free of charge

LICT (Leuven Information and Communication Technology centre) is a cross-departmental centre within the K.U.Leuven (Group Science & Technology) that bundles the complementary expertise of electronic engineers, computer scientists, sociologists and law experts from the K.U.Leuven and its association partners who are active in the area of ICT. The mission of the centre is to 'coordinate and promote top-level research on the design and application of ICT systems, both hardware and software, in support of industry and society'. It currently represents about 50 professors and more than 300 researchers from multiple research groups and is organised around seven research lines: 'wireless communication systems', 'mixed-signal interface systems', 'embedded systems and software', 'distributed software', 'ICT security', 'human-machine interaction' and 'knowledge technologies'. (For more information see: http://www.esat.kuleuven.be/LICT)

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