Master Class: Intranets, Team Sites and Document Management

Led by Koen Peters and featuring contributions from Marc Van de Woestijne and Namahn’s senior consultants, this highly practical master class challenges the knowledge of a small group of participants and teaches them best practices for organising, structuring and designing large bodies of information.

The first day, we present a framework for intranet design, focusing on classification of information, governance models, the information life cycle and technology. This framework is illustrated using several cases, and we invite participants to submit samples of their intranet for evaluation and in-group discussion.

The second day, we focus on practical human-centered methods and techniques that we apply in our day-to-day practice, such as field study, content analysis, IPMM assessment, navigation schemes, mock-ups, content migration approaches, and many more.

More on http://www.namahn.com/intranet

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