Visionary Seminar: 'TeraHz: from visible to invisible'

Organised by Leuven.Inc and imec

TeraHz radiation is promising because of its physical properties. It is seriously considered for energy harvesting applications, possibly contributing to one of the major problems of mankind: energy supply. Moreover, since it is non-ionising, it does not form a direct threat to DNA. This, combined with the fact that it may penetrate several mm of any material with low water content such as fabrics or plastics, makes it extremely suited for important societal applications: security radars, medical and archaeological imaging systems, broadband communication, etc.. In a sense, TeraHz can make invisible things visible.or doesn't it.

Looking up 'The invisible Man' in Wikipedia yields numerous hits, from television series to popular songs. Being invisible has always been one of man's dreams. In the 21st century, it may become a real possibility ... through metamaterials.

Metamaterials are very eccentric materials, not found in nature, with totally unexpected properties. They provide the possibility to reconstruct electromagnetic waves on demand, opening enormous possibilities: invisibility by means of a cloak, the realisation of super lenses that beat the diffraction limit, etc.. Although most research has been performed at microwave frequencies, the principle of metamaterials may be the most promising at much higher frequencies, at TeraHz or even at optical frequencies. There, the small scale of the meta-patterns opens up many practical applications, and nanotechnology, another hot topic in the world of today, comes into the picture to construct the metamaterials.

This seminar will consider the combination of two hot topics in the scientific world of today: TeraHz frequencies and metamaterials. It will be illustrated that together they form a powerful scientific and technological cocktail.

Practical aspects
Date: Tuesday June 15th 2010
Location: imec auditorium, Kapeldreef 75, 3001 Leuven (Heverlee)


- 16h30: Welcome coffee
- 17h00: Opening remarks and introduction, Robert Mertens, Senior Vice President SLT, imec
- 17h15: Conceptual metamaterials, Guy Vandenbosch, Prof. Department Electrical Engineering (ESAT-TELEMIC), K.U.Leuven
- 17h45: Concept of THz technologies, Christian Jansen, Technical University of Braunschweig, Institute of High Frequency Technology, Germany
- 18h15: Coffee Break
- 18h45: Application of TeraHz and metamaterials, Guy Vandenbosch, Dep. Electronics and Informatics (ESAT-TELEMIC), K.U.Leuven, Johan Stiens, Dep. Electronics and Informatics (ETRO), V.U.B.
- 19h15: Application of Terahertz Reflectometry and Imaging, DD Arnone, CEO and Co-Founder, TeraView Cambridge
- 19h45: Q & A
- 20h00: Closing remarks, Robert Mertens, Senior Vice President SLT, imec
- 20h10: Drink and snacks

The interventions will be held in English.


'Concept of THz technologies' - Christian Jansen, Technical University of Braunschweig, Institute of High Frequency Technology, Germany
The exposed position of the terahertz regime between the microwaves and the infrared stirred a tremendous interest from scientist and engineers alike. Bridging the domains of electronics and optics, terahertz provides many new metrological opportunities and can be applied to a plethora of industrial applications. The recent advances in this field favor the short-term market introduction of terahertz systems. The talk will illuminate parts of the enormous potential that terahertz technology offers, both from a system and from an application point of view.

'Terahertz Reflectometry and Imaging of IC Packaging and Semiconductors' - DD Arnone, CEO and Co-Founder, TeraView Cambridge
The power and unique capabilities of Terahertz reflectometry and imaging have been demonstrated in a series of proof of concept studies on advanced IC packages, semiconductor chips and in related areas such as solar cell inspection. The resolution and sensitivity of the technique fills capability gaps left by conventional modalities such as microwave TDR, X-Ray and acoustics. The talk will review the capabilities and limitations of the technique, and how customers are using Terahertz to address issues associated with interconnect integrity in packaging, delamination and cracking in silicon and moisture content.

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