Belgian Symposium on Tissue Engineering

This two-day national symposium is organised by “Prometheus – the Leuven Research & Development Division of Skeletal Tissue Engineering of the KU Leuven” (www.kuleuven.be/prometheus), and co-organised by other research groups in the field from universities across Belgium, and aims to bring together scientists nationwide to discuss frontline research in the rapidly expanding field of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine.

This will be streamlined with a combination of six plenary lectures by world renowned scientists presenting their latest findings, technological tools and opinions on a strategic plan for the development and manufacturing of Tissue Engineering (TE) products for effective tissue repair.

This event also serves as initial contact/meeting platform to promote scientific networking and potential research collaborations at both national and international levels.

Main topics include:

• Robust bone formation technology and transplantation
• Strategies for 3D TE-construct vascularisation/angiogenesis
• Microengineered  TE constructs for tissue assembly and formation
• Directed tissue formation by stem cell technologies
• Microfabrication, bioreactors and biomanufacturing

Participants will be invited to submit a meeting abstract for poster presentation. Outstanding abstracts reporting on scientific breakthroughs will be selected for “Young Scientist Forum” sessions*

Looking forward to meet you here in Leuven!

Frank P. LUYTEN, MD, PhD (Prometheus, KU Leuven)
Jan SCHROOTEN, Ir., PhD (Prometheus, KU Leuven)
Yoke Chin CHAI, PhD (Prometheus, KU Leuven)
Liesbet GERIS, PhD (Biomechanics Research Unit, University of Liège)
Peter DUBRUEL, PhD (Polymer Chemistry and Biomaterials Group, Ghent University)
Sandra VAN VLIERBERGHE, PhD (Polymer Chemistry and Biomaterials Group, Ghent University)
Leo VAN GRUNSVEN, PhD (Liver Cell Biology Lab, Vrije Universiteit Brussel)
Maria CORNELISSEN, PhD (Cell/Biomaterial Interactions & Tissue Engineering, Ghent University)
Heidi DECLERCQ, PhD (Cell/Biomaterial Interactions & Tissue Engineering, Ghent University)

Download Poster Here

You can find more information on this website: http://sirius.mtm.kuleuven.be/prometheus/bste2012.html

*The YSF is also affiliated to the European Society for Biomaterials (ESB) and aims at the promotion of discussions on biomaterials education and training in Europe, emphasising the existing and emerging career, as well as research opportunities in the field. Another important aspect of the YSF is related to the dissemination of biomaterials research and to promote this interdisciplinary field amongst a wide audience. Ultimately, the YSF motivates people to gain interest in (biomaterials) science. Recently, several national YSF chapters have already been initiated. Interestingly, the proposed symposium could also serve as launch event for the Belgian YSF chapter, which would promote the visibility of Belgian Biomaterials research. Moreover, as a result of the YSF affiliation, the proposed symposium and its scientific highlights would be disseminated widely among the European Biomaterials Research Groups.

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