Belgium Testing Days 2013

This year' s  BTD theme : "Breaking down the walls for boosting up the business!"

This means - more experts, more topics, more tutorials, more workshops, ... in other words, we offer more value for you! So check it out here and decide how you can boost up your business!


More experts?          We have 55 speakers waiting for you to share their knowledge. 

More topics?             Interested in agile, mobile, Devops, security, outsourcing, embedded, performance, technics, exploratory, test automation, metrics... and much more

More tutorials?         2 days of tutorials with each 8 tracks

More workshops?    5 advanced level workshops given by experts. Please challenge them!


Join your professional family between February 27th and March 2nd, 2013 at the Belgium Testing Days!

Don't miss this chance to "boost up your knowledge!"

Well, BTD is breaking down the walls for you! With you!! Be there!

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