Launch Event of the Leuven ICT Center

Invited speeches of Prof. Andy Tanenbaum from Univ Amsterdam
and Patrick Dewilde from TU Munich will highlight future visions of ICT in our society.
The event will be concluded with a reception.

Launch Event of the Leuven ICT Center: 'ICT research and the e-society of the future'
Location: Auditorium 'De Tweede Hoofdwet',
Thermotechnisch Instituut, Heverlee (Leuven)

12.00 : Poster workshop with ICT research at the K.U.Leuven (sandwiches included)
14.00 -17.50 : Workshop 'ICT research and the e-society of the future'
14.00 : Prof. Georges Gielen (K.U.Leuven): 'Introducing the Leuven ICT center'
14.20 : Prof. Andrew Tanenbaum (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam): 'Where are we going ?'
15.00 : Prof. Patrick Dewilde (TU Munich): 'Trying to define the main challenges for ICT Research in the 21st century'
15.40 : coffee break
16.10 : Christian Vanhuffel (Agoria): 'The role of ICT in the Flemish economy'
16.40 : Ken Duchatel (EC EU): 'Visions on ICT in Europe'
17.10 : Rector Marc Vervenne (K.U.Leuven): 'Official launch of the Leuven ICT center'
17.30 : Patricia Ceysens (Flemish Minister of Science, Economics and Innovation): 'The role of interdisciplinary research in innovation in Flanders'
17.50 : Reception + continuation of poster workshop

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