Master Class on User Centered Design

Are you involved in the design of user interfaces? As you know all too well, good intentions are not enough to achieve an engaging, productive and safe experience for your users. You need to master a broad set of methods and techniques in User-Centered Design (UCD). Practical advice and feedback from experienced UCD professionals also help.

On Tue. 7 and Wed. 8 October, Namahn conducts a master class on User-Centered Design. During two days, you can experience working at Namahn first-hand and gain insight into our User-Centered Design methods and techniques, which grew from hundreds of projects in over twenty years.

Led by Tom Stevens and featuring contributions from Mieke Daniels, Koen Peters, Joannes Vandermeulen and Johan Van Maldeghem, this highly practical master class challenges the know-how of a small group of participants and teaches them how to apply UCD techniques the Namahn way. Intensive, hands-on and intimate, the master class takes place in our library and design studio in central Brussels.

Methods and techniques include:
Field studies
Design requirements and constraints
Mental models
Scenarios of use
Navigation scheme
Conceptual design
Visual design
Usability testing
Design specification

For most of these items, an introduction to theory is followed by a group exercise and a discussion of results.

Other topics of interest are:
Aligning UCD with software engineering
Return On Investment
Industry standards

Participating in the master class will help you:
Analyse and understand the context of use
Specify requirements
Design user interfaces from concept to detail
Assess the usability of digital products
Make a strong case for UCD

Each participant receives a copy of Jenifer Tidwell's outstanding book Designing Interfaces.
The master class takes place in the Namahn library and design studio in Brussels. Directions can be found in the How to reach us section of the Namahn.com site.

The master class is conducted in English.

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