Bio Spin-off day: How to start my own spin-off?

Who are your first contacts when you want to start up a spin-off company in biotechnology or biomedicine? How to proceed? What business plan to write? Who are your role models? What are the critical ingredients of capital, niche market, and intellectual property? How can I make a difference?

This unique event is specifically organized for all masters and Ph.D. students, for postdocs and researchers of the Science, Engineering and Technology Group, and of the Biomedical Sciences Group. If you want to grab a unique opportunity to meet 'like minded' people and to address your questions to trendsetting role models and leading experts in the field then come and join us on the Bio Spin-off day.

The Bio Spin-off day is an initiative of K.U.Leuven BioSCENTer in collaboration with the Alumni of the Faculty of Science (Science@Leuven), the Arenberg Doctoral School (ADS), Leuven Research and Development (LRD), the Leuven Industrial Research Fund (IOF), and the Leuven Innovation Networking Circle (Leuven.Inc).

Date: Wednesday, April 29, 2009 (13.00-19.00 h)
Location: Auditorium 200L00.06 - Celestijnenlaan 200, Building L, 3001 Heverlee
Registration, coffee breaks and spinoff exhibition will be in the entrance hall of Computer Science.
Presentations will be in English.

Target public
- Master students in science, engineering, bio-engineering, biomedical, pharmaceutical and medical sciences
- Ph.D. students and postdocs, PI's and Professors of the Science, Engineering and Technology Group, and the Biomedical Sciences Group
- IOF fellows, Interface departments
- All other interested professionals

13.30 h: Welcome coffee and sandwiches
14.00 h: Welcome and opening remarks
Bart De Moor, co-ordinator BioSCENTer and chairman of the IOF Board
14.10 h: VIB's approach to life science start-ups
Chris De Jonghe, Business Development Manager VIB
14.35 h : Spinning out in Leuven
Paul Van Dun, General Manager LRD, K.U.Leuven R&D
15.00 h: Starting & growing university spin-offs: real life experiences
Rudi Cuyvers, Innovation Manager, Cell Spinoffs and Innovation, K.U.Leuven R&D
15.30 h : Opportunities for funding spin-offs initiatives by IWT
Maarten Sileghem, Director Strategic and European Research, IWT
15.55 h : Coffee break
16.15 h : Short introduction
Jan Beirlant, Dean of the Faculty of Science K.U.Leuven
16.20 h: The financing of start-ups in challenging times
Patrick Van Beneden, Executive Vice-President Life Sciences, GIMV
16.45 h: Students and synthetic biology: future entrepreneurs? K.U.Leuven, iGEM 2008
Team represented by Jonas Demeulemeester, Hanne Tytgat and Jan Mertens
17.10 h: Biopharmaceutical drug development between academics and industry : a case study
Desiré Collen, Chairman and founder of Thrombogenics
17.40 h: Closing remarks,
Bart De Moor, co-ordinator BioSCENTer
17.45 h: Drink

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