Health4Growth: 'Incubating innovative entrepreneurship in healthcare'

Supported by Leuven.Inc and KU leuven 

On 23 and 24 September 2013, the City of Leuven and Thomas More / City of Turnhout organize the workshop “Incubating innovative entrepreneurship in healthcare”. Explore local and international good practices and get inspired by personal experiences of different stakeholders and entrepreneurs within health care in this two-day workshop.

This two-day workshop provides a platform for discussion and networking and will bring together stakeholders from academia, industry, service providers and government as well as international Health4Growth partners.

The event is part of the European Union’s Interreg IVC Health4Growth project, which aims to improve the effectiveness of regional development policies regarding the operational environment of local and regional economic players within health care.
We look forward to your participation! You are most welcome to join for the full programme, but you can also sign up for individual events.

23 September

Learn about  the current achievements, future perspectives and strategies of a series of international incubators, followed by a pitch presentation and discussion on local good practices.

24 September

Two guided tours around imec  and campus Gasthuisberg of the University Hospitals Leuven offer you a close look on internationally renowned organizations. In the afternoon, the focus is on the regulatory framework. There is a vast interface between regulation and entrepreneurship in health care. Regional stakeholders and a number of innovative health care entrepreneurs share their perceptions on certain threats and opportunities, by discussing new models of collaboration, innovation and entrepreneurship in health care.


Participation is free; required registration is possible through the following link:

Participants will receive more detailed information about the programme and the organizational aspects in due time.

If you would require any further information or have any questions you can contact Thijs Rommens: thijs.rommens@leuven.be or +32 16 27 29 85

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