Leuven-MRC Annual Research Meeting 2008

Leuven-MRC invites you to its 3rd open Annual Research Meeting on Thursday April 10 (14 pm), 2008 in the University Hall, Leuven.
The annual research meeting of Leuven-MRC is a meeting place for the Materials Industry and MRC researchers. Two outstanding speakers, from industry and academia, will give their view on current materials innovations and new perspectives. The MRC PhD and post doc researchers will present the challenges and achievements of their research by a poster exhibition. This poster session combines an ample and detailed overview of the materials research at K.U.Leuven with the opportunity to meet and discuss in depth with the researchers themselves. The annual research meeting is indispensable for all who want to be updated or get acquainted with the progressing research of Leuven-MRC, the largest materials research centre in Belgium, with 19 research groups and more than 400 researchers.

prof. Ignaas Verpoest, chairman
dr. Karel Van Acker, coordinator

Programme:'Materials Research Perspectives'
• 14h00: Poster session
• 15h00: Welcome address by Prof. Karen Maex, K.U.Leuven, Vice Rector Science, Engineering and Technology Group
• 15h15: The nanomaterials research at Umicore by Dr. Yves Van Rompaey , Umicore: The presentation will focus on new nanomaterials designed by Umicore. The synthesis, dispersion and characterization of these inorganic nanomaterials will be discussed, as well as the innovative applications they are designed for.
• 16h00: Challenges for implementation of materials research results - some examples by Prof. Jan Anders Manson , EPFL Lausanne, Vice-President for Innovation and Technology Transfer: The Materials Department at EPFL has been a prolific research group over the years in implementing results into the real world of industrial process and product innovations. Their active participation in the development of the successful America's Cup sailing yacht of Switzerland is just one example. Prof. Manson will present several models used in EPFL to bridge the gap between the university and their stakeholders, the industry and the society at large.
• 16h45: Materials research at Leuven-MRC: achievements and perspectives by Prof. Ignaas Verpoest , chairman, and Dr. Karel Van Acker , coordinator: Leuven-MRC announced at the previous annual research meeting its strategic research lines to be launched. In this presentation, a review on the current achievements of the research lines and of the MRC platform will be given, together with a look ahead at future research directions.
• 17h20: Poster Session by the PhD and Post doc researchers of Leuven-MRC on their latest achievements. There will be ample opportunity to meet the individual researchers.

• 19h00: Closing

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