ELAT - ENGINEERING THE FUTURE: expanding the innovation ecosystem

from 12:30-18:30 at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven

Competition is witnessing a shift from a national and regional focus to a global scale. Critical mass, access to knowledge and value chains, talent and connectivity are crucial to compete as a top technology region in a globalising economy. How can we help each other to be competitive? The Eindhoven-Leuven-Aachen triangle (ELAt) can provide some answers to this question. One of the key aims of ELAt is to create a network infrastructure - a network of networks - that connects companies, universities and knowledge and research institutes, with support from government on local, regional and national level.

The potential of ELAt is being explored in a collaborative partnership by Brainport (Samenwerkingsverband Regio Eindhoven), the cities of Eindhoven, Leuven and Aachen, KU Leuven R&D, TU Eindhoven, Leuven.INC, AGIT and LifeTec Aachen-Jülich. ELAt aims to enable cross-border connections and links to fulfill on its potential and to strengthen the innovation ecosystem. The ELAt partnership is presenting its innovation strategy in an agenda for future cooperation at the conference. ELAt wants to involve more stakeholders in the execution of the agenda, creating win-win for everyone.

Find out more at the conference:
'ENGINEERING THE FUTURE, expanding the innovation ecosystem'

With the following speakers:

Mr. Rob van Gijzel, mayor of Eindhoven, will present the highlights of the ELAt innovation strategy and the focus on future actions.

Professor Karen Maex, PhD, vice-rector K.U.Leuven, member of the Governing Board of the European institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), will give a presentation on the vision and status of the EIT.

Professor André Oosterlinck, PhD, president of the K.U.Leuven association, will address the important role of entrepreneurship and technology transfer mechanisms in knowledge valorisation.

Mr Bengt Streijffert, CEO of Øresund Science Region, will give a presentation on the cross-border partnership between Sweden and Denmark bringing together regional authorities, businesses and 14 universities from both sides of the border in six innovative platforms working on food, logistics, environment, IT, health and design.

The conference moderator is Professor Emile Aarts, PhD, vice-president and scientific programme director of Philips Research. He will also lead a plenary discussion on clustering, innovation and entrepreneurship with representatives of organisations and networks from the ELAt area.

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