Knowliah lunch

Friday 16 October 2015 from 12.00h to 14.00h, followed by an opportunity to network and attend further detailed demonstrations.

During a 2-hour free lunch with a limited number of people and a high level of interaction, you will learn:

  • how you can prepare your organisation for the future and start to become a digitally adept enterprise
  • how you can face, manage and turn yearly doubling volumes of unstructured information into an asset
  • which specific solutions and quick-wins can be applied in your organisation tomorrow: from digital archiving and automatic information management in specific containers towards enterprise-wide intelligent access and analytics across all sources, including people
  • how a pragmatic approach of and a holistic view on your challenges surrounding information and knowledge will protect you from all risks, increase your services levels instantly, and gain a competitive advantage.

All managers and executives – business or IT – facing challenges with regard to the chaos and complexity of unstructured information on paper, in documents, e-mail, files, cases and experts.

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