Regenerative Medicine Visionary Seminar

Organised by Leuven.Inc
Supported by City of Leuven

Bailey Fisher and Leuven.Inc present a Visionary Seminar ‘Joining forces in regenerative medicine: bringing implants and medicines to life'.

Location: Moller Centre, Churchill College, Storey's Way, Cambridge CB3 0DE, United Kingdom
Time: 15h30 - 20h00

The seminar brings together an expert panel of guest speakers from Cambridge and Leuven:

Dr. Cathy Prescott, Founder & Director of Biolatris Ltd
Professor Wolf Reik, Head of Laboratory at Babraham Institute
Dr. Paul Whiting, Head of Molecular and Cellular Biology, Neusentis/Pfizer
Dr. Jan Schrooten, Co-ordinator RegMed Platform Vlaams-Brabant, RegMed
Dr. Peter Peumans, Director Life Sciences, imec
Dr. Peter Mercelis, Managing Director, LayerWise-3D Systems

This event is one of a series of visionary seminars taking place in Cambridge, London and Leuven, with the aim of strengthening ties across Europe, between business and academia and B2B. The visionary seminars will focus on the fast evolutions in biotech, nanotech, materials and health related domains, provide a vision of the state of the art technologies for coming generations, and offer an approach via concrete applications expected within 5 – 15 years.

Topics to be covered at the Cambridge seminar include 3D printing in medicine, nanotechnology-driven stem cell industrialisation and building a community to kick-start a revolution in medicine.

Attendance at this event is by invitation. If you would like to receive an invitation or find out more about the event, please contact admin@leuveninc.com.

This event is part of the project Leuven Mindgate, funded by Agentschap Ondernemen. Leuven Mindgate positions the Leuven region as a premier destination for Health, High-Tech and Creativity where innovation and interdisciplinary collaborations flourish.

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