‘Cross-Border RegMed COOP’ workshop

The regional Community for Regenerative Medicine (in short RegMed-community) was launched in march 2014. The project supported, by the province, has never stopped growing. It's time to look ahead: creating an open, innovative legal cross-border structure. On the 4th of September several options (in particular the cooperative structure) will be presented by experts and are open for discussion. Interaction and cooperation with all cross-border members is the purpose. Come and join the active RegMed Community!

Up till now more than 40 members have joined the multidisciplinary platform. Regional governments, university labs, pharmaceutical companies (spin offs, SME or larger), hospitals, 3D-printing specialists, all sort of suppliers... venture capitalists and legal advisors are active participants. Crossborder cooperation with Nederlands Limburg has been established and the closing of the regional value chain is advancing. In two open access cases (lens free microscope and monitoring & control in bioreactors) several members are exploring the potential of collaborative efforts across disciplines and are experiencing advanced insights.

For the 8th Community Meeting in September the goal is to organise a 'Cross-Border RegMed COOP' workshop' to enable an open discussion with Belgian and Dutch participants on how we could further cooperate across the RegMed value chain.

Please book Friday, September 4, 12.00 - 18.00h, Provinciehuis Leuven in your agenda and register below.

Practical aspects

Date: Friday 4 September 2015
Location: Provinciehuis Leuven
Price: Free, with registration
Organisator: The RegMed Community: the project group, coördinated by Jan Schrooten (Antleron) and supported by the Province Vlaams-Brabant, LRD and all its members, to promote cooperation in Regenerative Medicine


12h00: Welcome lunch
13h00: Plenary session – Inspiration for RegMed
  • Introduction
    Jan Schrooten (Antleron)
  • Zero marginal cost economy, collaborative commons
    Jeremy Rifkin (movie)
  • The Dutch experience: biomedical public-private partnerships from idea to reality
    Emiel Staring (InSciTe)
  • The Finnish connection: Human Spare Parts program becoming part of regional ecosystem
    Juho Väisänen (BioMediTech)
  • The co-creation workshop process explained
    Alain Van Echelpoel (CMAST
14h00: RegMed co-creation case introduction
14h30: Case session - Co-creation RegMed workshop
  • From lab to patient: Towards streamlined GMP manufacturing of ATMPs
    Nathalie Cools & Nadia Zakaria (UA / UZA)
  • Lens free imaging: Pilot for cross-discipline technology validation
    Veerle Reumers (IMEC)
  • Revival of sleeping IP: An opportunity for collaborative business models
    Gunther Meyer (Eversheds)
  • Collaborative innovation: explore the cooperative business model
    Hannes Hollebecq (Coopburo) & Matthias Desimpelaere (Eversheds)
  • From gap analysis to inter-university chair: Training our RegMed innovators
    Geert Adriaens (Adrilenco)
  • Crossborder collaboration: Bringing a regional ecosystem to life
    Emiel Staring (InSciTe) & Jan Schrooten (Antleron)
15h45: Coffee Break
16h00: Workshop outcome session
16h45: Next steps & Closing
  • Back to the future of the RegMed community
    Marc Florquin, vice-governor Economy (Provincie Vlaams-Brabant)
17h00: Brainstorm drinks

For more information about the workshop and registration, visit the website of Flanders Smart Hub.

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