Strategic Business Innovation - How to get ahead of the curve

Join us for an half-day inspirational seminar to broaden and exchange your perspectives on strategic business innovation as well as to get introduced to ITONICS, a state-of-the-art software platform which will help you to structure and sustain your business reinvention.  Two sessions will be organised in Leuven,  one starting at 9 am, one starting at 1.30 pm. 

This event is free of charge and targeted at CxO's, strategic officers, innovation officers, strategic risk managers, of medium sized to large organisatons.  

Why this half-day seminar ?

On the occasion of the launch of the new release of the ITONICS “Trends Radar,  Technology Radar and Idea Manager” we at CEONAV felt the moment right for a joint inspirational seminar aimed at :

  1. exchanging with you our views on what constitutes a “Truly Adaptive and Futures Ready Organisation”, capable of sustainable innovation in a disruptive environment.
  2. painting you the full picture of corporate foresight and the essential role trends management plays within it.
  3. helping you to discover how a digital platform will benefit and sustain your strategic innovation efforts, learn from real cases. 
  4. providing you with a first view on the revised Itonics software platform,  with a deep dive on Trends & Technology management.

Besides being the right moment to act, some more reasons why you should consider to attend

  1. gain thought provoking insights and perspectives re innovative strategic thinking; get beyond the disruption and digitisation hype, stop catching up and start investing in new capabilities and start leading.
  2. gain a broader perspective on strategic innovation,  understand that ideation doesn’t equal innovation.
  3. learn how technology can be an enabler and sustain your strategic innovation efforts.   
  4. get hands-on experience with  trends & technology  management, the Itonics way.    Discover new features, confirming Itonic’s position as one of the most innovative and comprehensive packages available today in the market
  5. opportunity to exchange views and network with peers 

Seminar modules 

The half day seminar consists of the following 3 modules.  

  1. Beyond disruption and digitisation - the future successful organisation will be truly adaptive or won't be - Eddy Schuermans, CO-Founder MD CEONAV
  2. An overview of the ITONICS software platform. From change driver to strategic roadmap - Prof. Dr. Michael Durst, Founder CEO ITONICS
  3. How trends, technology and inspirations can be leveraged upon innovation. Best practices, Itonics features, case stories. - Prof. Dr. Michael Durst, Founder CEO ITONICS

Fore more details and to register

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