3rd Spin-off Inner Circle Café

Only CEO representatives and key people of the spinoff companies are invited to this closed event.

In co-operation with K.U.Leuven, Sopartec (UCL) and Leuven.Inc a third Spin-off Inner Circle meeting will be organised, a networking event that brings together spin-off's, originated from within K.U.Leuven, IMEC and UCL. Participants meet their 'colleague' spin-off's in an informal way, where they can exchange their knowledge, experiences, ideas and why not make business together.

As guestspeaker of the evening we introduce Stephane Ketelaer, Managing Director of Telemis SA (spinoff UCL).
Theme of this event is 'How David compete with Goliath in Medical Imaging'.

Practical details
Date: Thursday February 16, 2006 (18h30-20h)
Location: CEI (Centre d'Entreprises et d'innovation de Louvain-la-Neuve) - http://www.ceilln.be

- 18h30: Welcoming the participants
- 19h00: How David compete with Goliath in Medical Imaging - Stephane Ketelaer (Managing Director, Telemis)
- 19h45: Informal exchange of information and discussion between participants
- 20h00: Reception

You can register for this Spin-off Inner Circle meeting by sending an e-mail to Leuven.Inc before February 10, 2006. After registration you receive a confirmation and a road description.

The mission of TELEMIS is to finalize and market multimedia technological solutions based on three core competencies: transmission, image and security. These three competencies when associated for a particular application field constitute high technology products. The company found a niche market in the medical imaging where their offer can compete with much bigger companies like Kodak, Agfa-Gevaert, ...
For more information (www.telemis.com).

Sopartec SA is the Knowledge Transfer Company and the Seed Capital Fund of Université Catholique de Louvain (www.sopartec.com).

Leuven.Inc (Leuven Innovation Networking Circle) wants to be a multidisciplinary network platform for technological entrepreneurs. Within this framework Leuven.Inc organizes a wide range of activities, e.g. thematic events, seminars, Entrepreneurs Café's, etc. As such an innovative network frame is offered to members and participants, from which valuable co-operations often emerge (www.leuveninc.com).

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