Brown Bag Lunch- initiatief van Ekonomika Alumni, K.U.Leuven Faculteit ETEW i.s.m. Leuven.Inc

Virtual Teams - Cultural Indigestion?

When a British national calls the Continent, he or she tends to launch straight into 'I would like to speak to So-and-So.' No attempt at identification, whereas a Continental will normally start by saying 'Here is (name). May I speak to So-and-So?' Culturally different ways of using the same communication tools are a fact of life, even when it comes to something as simple as writing a letter. We're supposed to be entering a virtual world, but we're not yet there.

Teaming up with individuals from other cultures and time zones is not so uncommon anymore. But how can you possibly team up through a wire with people you never actually met? 'Think global, act local' is merely digested by top management and here comes 'local meets local'!

In this Brown Bag Lunch we will highlight the pitfalls of communications in project teams and across other cultures. Email disasters, telephone conference nightmares and video conference blues, you name it.

Richard Hill is an intercultural communications advisor to multinational corporations. He is the author of books as 'We Europeans' and 'EuroManagers & Martians'; non-fiction bestsellers that are used as course material by over 65 universities and business schools in Europe, the USA and Asia.
Luc Galoppin is an organizational change management expert. He recently started publishing on team dynamics and communications of project teams.

- Datum: Dinsdag 16 mei 2006 om 12:30 uur (ontvangst met broodjes vanaf 12:00 uur)
Einde om 14:00 uur
- Plaats: Leuven.Inc, Innovatie&Incubatiecentrum, Kapeldreef 60, 3001 Heverlee

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