Visionary seminar - Surfaces: getting smarter!?

The aim of this seminar is to provide a broad introduction to recent advances in the field of functional surfaces, also called 'smart surfaces' due to their adaptive character and /or their ability to switch properties in response to an external stimulus. The impact of nanotechnology on this field will be specially highlighted, in particular with respect to its multidisciplinary aspects combining materials physics, mechanics, chemistry and biology. The programme of the seminar will therefore cover a wide set of technologies and application domains in which functional surfaces are expected to play a significant role. Some examples are :
- metallurgical coatings with specific chemical functionalities using structured thin film deposition or nanopowders e.g. self-cleaning surfaces
- surfaces with adaptive chemical affinities e.g. hydrophilic/hydrophobic
- engineered biosurfaces for the detection of various bioagents
- biomechanical functions resulting from biomimetic effects
- ...
The presentations will discuss both the fundamental mechanisms involved and the prospects for industrial exploitation and commercialization in the short and the long term.

17h00 Welcoming the participants
17h30 Introduction by Prof. dr. Marc Van Rossum (IMEC)
17h45 Biomimetic adhesion structures - what materials scientists can learn from insects - Prof. dr. Eduard Arzt (Director - Max Planck Institut für Metallforschung, Stuttgart)
18h20 Bionanotechnology for biomedical applications - Dr. Filip Frederix (Project Leader Bio-Electronic Sensing for Food Packaging - Material Science Centre, DSM, The Netherlands)
18h50 Sandwich break
19h10 Steel and hightech surfaces - a mismatch? - Mr. Franz Hörzenberger (Department Manager Surface Functionalisation - OCAS, Arcelor Industry Research Center)
19h40 Functional coated flexible films - Dr. Erik Dekempeneer (Corporate Technology Manager Advanced Coatings - Bekaert)
20h10 An introduction to Leuven Materials Research Centre - Dr. ir. Karel Van Acker (Coordinator Leuven MRC)
20h20 Questions and answers
20h30 Closing reception

Practical details
Date: Thursday October 5, 2006 (17h00-20h20)
Location: IMEC Auditorium, Kapeldreef 75, 3001 Leuven

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