Improving systems engineering of mechatronic systems

Over the past decades, machines evolved from (simple) mechanic devices to complex mechatronic systems consisting of several subsystems. New design methodologies are required to improve the collaboration between the different engineers and to provide better support to the systems engineer in the early design phases .

Within this framework, Flanders Make invites you to a seminar on model-based systems engineering. This seminar will take place on Thursday 3 March in Het Provinciehuis in Leuven. The seminar will address two questions: 

How to improve the collaboration between engineers through model-based systems engineering?

In the design of a mechatronic system, the design tasks are divided over several engineers working in different disciplines. While each of these engineers is well-supported by dedicated tools and methodologies, tools and methods to support the collaboration between those engineers are lacking.

In the research project “Cross-disciplinary information management for mechatronic system design”, Flanders Make and the consortium* put the research focus on this challenge. In the morning session, we will present the results achieved within this project, while the industrial partners will illustrate how model-based techniques improve their design processes.

Furthermore, keynote speaker Alexander Egyed, professor at JKU (Austria), will present a general view on collaborative engineering across disciplines and tools.

How to perform cross-disciplinary optimization in the early phases of mechatronic machines design?

During the afternoon session, we will present the mid-term results of the project “Model-based systems engineering for mechatronics”.  Here, we developed methodologies to support the decision making process of system architects during the early stages of design. Additionally, strategies to concurrently optimize the system structure and its control are presented.

Furthermore, keynote speaker Francis Bordeleau, Product Manager at Ericsson, will testimony about the merits of model-based engineering for his company, while keynote speaker Theo Hofman, Professor at TUE (the Netherlands), will present an overview of technological trends, challenges and directions in particular for vehicle powertrain applications.

Practical details

Date: Thursday March 3, 2016 (08h30 - 17h30)
Location: Het Provinciehuis, Provincieplein 1, 3010 Leuven


More information on the programme can be found here.


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