Leuven.Inc Visionary seminar: Display technologies of the future

Since a few years, the traditional cathode ray tube or CRT, has been replaced largely by flat panel displays. It started with laptops, followed by displays for desktop computers and now flat-panel televisions are starting to become mainstream. Thanks to the flat-panel display technology, high-quality screens can be integrated in applications where size, weight and power consumption dominate. New technology developments are not limited to TFT-LCDs, but include plasma screens, projection imaging for home theaters, flexible displays for electronic newspapers and bi-stable displays got ultra-low power applications. During this seminar the speakers will give an overview of these new technologies and their opportunities for new applications.

- 17h00 Registration participants
- 17h30 Welcome and Introduction - Prof. André Van Calster (Ghent University)
- 17h45 Current status and future of displays for professional applications - Ing. Patrick Vandenberghe (CTO, BarcoView)
- 18h15 Liquid Cristal on Silicon (LCOS) and Projection - Dhr. Jan Lambrecht (CEO, Gemidis)
- 18h45 Sandwich break and demo's
- 19h10 Performances and applications of BiNem displays - Dhr. Jacques Angelé (Nemoptic - Frankrijk)
- 19h40 E-paper: How to channel the digital reading revolution - Drs. Alex Henzen (Founder and VP Process Development & Innovation, iRex Technologies - Nederland)
- 20h10 Questions and answers
- 20h20 Closing reception

Practical details
Date: Tuesday December 12, 2006 (17h00-20h20)
Location: IMEC Auditorium, Kapeldreef 75, 3001 Leuven

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