Industry 4.0 for metallurgy - How to get there?

Industry 4.0 – Data to Information – Artificial Intelligence – Big Data handling – Internet of Things – Smart Factory… 

Several terms are used for ambitious projects in all types of industry, with one common aim: to make processes and people smarter by integrating computational intelligence. It is obvious that production industries, such as metallurgy, can benefit strongly from all these new possibilities. The difficulty lies in the implementation, to be able to apply the new technologies in an existing production environment. With the right vision, a step-wise implementation can result in early benefits, without the need to apply all disruptive technologies at once.

With this conference, the organizers wish to give an overview of the current possibilities within this field, pointing out the importance of both understanding processes as well as organizing proper data management. We have invited:

  • Academic speakers, to give you an overview of the state-of-the-art and their vision on future developments
  • Technology suppliers, to give examples of implementations
  • Managers in metallurgical plants, to elaborate on the specific needs of this industry

The conference offers a platform to discuss your vision with your colleagues in the field of metallurgy. The program and subscription formalities can be found on www.proopt.net/conference2016.

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