Leuven MindGate Visionary seminar 'The Human IntraNet'-27.11.2017

Organised by Leuven MindGate in cooperation with imec

Once computers were so large that they could fill a room. Then we got tabletop models. Today, we just carry them around in our pocket. The next logical step: make computers part of our bodies. 

This will be the era of the ‘Human IntraNet’: the network of sensors that we will carry on and in our body, expanding our knowledge and capacities.
It is envisioned as an open scalable platform, a platform that seamlessly integrates an ever-increasing number of sensors, actuation and computation nodes, and storage, communication and energy functionality.
These will be located on, in, or around the human body acting in symbiosis with the functions provided by the body itself. Its functionality will eventually grow beyond pure health and wellness.
It will change the way humans interact with the surrounding (augmented) world by boosting the human input-output modalities and performance. 

But what about privacy? Will we still have freedom of thought? Can we secure this technology enough and still be able to share the data with the right people?

Practical aspects

Date: Monday 27 November 2017

STUK auditorium
Naamsestraat 96, 3000 Leuven
Show directions

Recommended parking: Heilig Hart, Naamsestraat 102, 3000 Leuven Show directions


16h00: Welcome coffee
16h30: Welcome by Thomas Kallstenius, Chairman of the programme
Program Director Security and Privacy imec
16h45: The Human IntraNet - A Platform for Human Enhancement
Jan Rabaey, Scientific Co-Director BWRC; Director Ubiquitous Swarm Lab
University of California, Berkeley

Neural interfacing for biomedical applications
Sebastian Haesler, Principal Investigator and Director NERF

18h00: Real-time signal processing & machine learning on constrained devices
Marian Verhelst, Prof. KU Leuven
18h30: Coffee break
19h00: Biometrics: how can we guarantee security and privacy
Bart Preneel, Prof. KU Leuven
19h30: A world without disease... enabled by hyperpersonalized technology
Chris Van Hoof, Senior Director Wearable Health Solutions, imec fellow, Prof. KU Leuven
20h00: Q&A
20h20: Networking with drinks and snacks

The interventions will be held in English.

Registration fee

135 euro (excl. VAT): members of Leuven MindGate/ Leuven.Inc - 175 euro (excl. VAT): all others
Special fee available for Master and PhD students affiliated and billable to KU Leuven or other universities.  Please contact us by e-mail.

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