Visionary seminar: The Car of the Future

an organisation of Leuven.Inc and IMEC, supported by Steunpunt Innovatie Vlaams-Brabant and Flanders' DRIVE.

This seminar will give you insight into the evolution of the car over the coming decades. Although its basic function is still to provide us with individual freedom to move, great changes are expected as to the comfort, safety, energy efficiency and connectivity of our cherished vehicle. The added value to future cars undoubtedly consists in an increased use of embedded electronics, mechatronics and novel hybrid electrical-combustion engine combinations. Perhaps the car environment with its enormous safety, dependability and environmental constraints is one of the most challenging fields for embedded system design research. Four internationally recognized experts will provide us with their vision of the future.

- 17u15: Welcoming the participants
- 17u45: Introduction by Robert Mertens (Senior Vice-President Microsystems, Components and Packaging, IMEC)
- 18u00: A view on the car of the future - Gerhard Hettich (Director Electric-/Electronic Architecture and -Integration, Research and Technology (REM/E), Daimler-Chrysler, Germany)
Gerhard Hettich will give us an overview of the evolution of the vehicle electronic environment. He will deal with the roadmaps on the electronics architecture, including car functionalities, topology approaches and technologies. He will furthermore discuss the evolution from mechanical over electronic systems for vehicle functionalities (eg. driving, braking and steering) to the x-by wire concepts. Finally he will focus on research challenges for the design of both dependable hardware-configware and software to support these functions.
18u30: Automotive Sensors - Status and Trends - Jan Peter Stadler (Director, Sensor Technology Center, Robert Bosch GmbH, Reutlingen, Germany)
Automotive sensors have been the driving force for implementing Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) in high volume applications, offering high technology features at reasonable cost. Jan Peter Stadler will discuss the present status of both the applications of automotive sensors and the underlying sensor technology, and as well will he describe the trends in automotive sensors for the car of the future.
- 19u00: Coffee break
- 19u20: The connected car - Martin Elixmann (Department Head Connectivity Systems Group, Philips Research Laboratories GmbH, Aachen, Germany)
Cars will soon be environment-directed, the driver being given information as to road conditions, other cars, traffic situations, weather conditions, traffic regulations, driver condition, position etc. One key application is the active and preventive safety for drivers, passengers, cyclists and pedestrians. Martin Elixmann will give us some insight into both the evolution thereof and the challenges in communication technology for the coming decades.
- 19u50: Hybrid vehicles for today and fuel cell hybrid vehicles as a challenge for tomorrow - Bert De Colvenaer (Senior Manager, Advanced Technology Department, Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing Europe, Belgium)
Sooner or later, oil depletion will become a major issue in the world economics. As the car industry has its responsibility in guaranteeing sustainable mobility, it has to find the most efficient way to use what is left of crude oil. Toyota's hybrid technology provides efficient fuel usage and driving pleasure all in one. This hybrid technology will furthermore be an integral part of the environment-friendly solutions of the future: fuel cells with hydrogen, for example. The development of such a complete new power train is not only technically very challenging, but also time consuming. These systems will therefore only gradually be introduced parallel to both developments in the new fuel infrastructure and a growing public awareness.
- 20u20: Questions and answers
- 20u40: Reception

Practical issues
Location: IMEC, Auditorium, Kapeldreef 75, 3001 Leuven
Date: Monday, June 14 2004 (17u45-20u40)

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