High-Tech Growth Management : Module III : Financing growth & creating shareholdervalue

Prof. Dr. Benoît Leleux, S.Schmidheiny Professor of Entrepreneurship and Finance, IMD.

Accelerated growth, in a start-up or developing company, poses specific challenges with respect to the company's finances. A limited set of economic actors have developed the skills and tools to operate in that 'constrained' environment. The seminar will focus on the financial problems faced by high-growth companies in general (start-ups, new ventures, buy-outs), addressing the topic from both the capital seeker's and the investor's point of view. Issues to be addressed include sources of financing that are available and appropriate for a particular business, what are key elements of a deal structure, the rationale for the various parties involved and a current overview of the market situation in the private equity / venture capital worlds

General Theme & Programme
The integrated programme on 'High-Tech Growth Management' confronts topics and issues related to the management of growth within high-tech start-ups that have been successfully launched and are now working hard to develop a sustainable position in the market. This programme provides guiding frameworks and insights that are relevant to handling problems frequently encountered during such a trajectory. Themes include the development of a sustainable business model, internationalisation, research & development, marketing and sales, and organisation & human resource management issues.

Structure and dates
The complete programme consists of 8 modules.
Each module is scheduled from 4 - 7 pm.

Module I: Growing pains of a high-tech venture
Tuesday November 26th, 2002
Module II: Strategy development for high-tech ventures
Tuesday December 10th, 2002
Module III: Financing growth & creating shareholder value
Tuesday January 14th, 2003
Module IV: Market development in an international environment
Tuesday January 28th, 2003
Module V: R&D in an international environment
Tuesday February 11th, 2003
Module VI: Operations Management
Tuesday February 25th, 2003
Module VII: Keeping an eye on performance
Tuesday March 11th, 2003
Module VIII: Kennis, kenniswerkers en kennismanagement
Dinsdag 25 maart, 2003

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