SecurE-government : Status and Trends: 2nd L-SEC event

As an ever increasing number of government-related electronic services and transactions will become available, there is no doubt that the way we interact with government will undergo profound changes as. Businesses and citizens will have more flexible interfaces to all levels of government, which brings the potential for increased efficiency and a more intense interaction. On-line interactions can also bring new threats to the privacy of personal information and to the confidentiality of business-related data. Any security weakness in e-government services can have a substantial impact on the society as a whole. Risks include identity theft, denial of service and fraud. These risks must be managed through a combination of security technology, procedural means, an appropiate legal framework and end-user awareness. This conference day intends to present the state of the art of security in e-government, to analyse future trends and to discuss the impact on business and citizens.

Who should attend
- People with governmental background learn from valuable experiences in the case studies.
- Industry IT professionals detect potential applications,impact on their business and new opportunities created by e-government projects.

Morning Program
09h15 : Registration and coffee
09h45 : Overview of important e-government projects in Europe
*speaker; Floris Ampe, PriceWaterHouseCoopers
10h00 : Case 1 Secure databases and privacy
*speakers; Jos Dumortier, ICRI K.U.Leuven
Marc Ingels, VDAB
11h00 : Coffee break
11h30 : Case 2 The Electronic Identity Card
*speakers; Luc Vanneste, Ministry of Interal Affairs
Bart Preneel, COSIC K.U.Leuven
Marc Sel,PriceWaterHouseCoopers
12h30-13h30 : Sandwich Lunch
13h30 : Case 3 Secure e-democracy
*speakers : Vincent Rijmen, Cryptomathic
Martin Roed, Høje Tåstrup, Denmark
14h30 : Case 4 Electronic filing with the court registry
*speakers : Maarten Willems, Hypertrust
Dirk Vanbiervliet, Vereniging der Vlaams Balies
Jos Dumortier, ICRI, K.U.Leuven
15h30 : Coffee break
16h00 : Panel with ICT Managers
*chairman : Jos Dumortier, ICRI, K.U.Leuven
*panellists : Veerle Custers - E-Governement Flanders, Peter Strickx - FEDICt, Vincent Perremans - WALL-ON -LINE, Robert Herzeele -CIBG
17h00 : reception

Location: BACOB Auditorium, Trierstraat 25, 1040 Brussels (corner Trier and Belliard)

More info, please adress the seminar co-ordinator :
Nicole De Smyter - Leuven.Inc
Bedrijvencentrum Haasrode, Interleuvenlaan 62, B-3001 Leuven
Tel.: + 32 (0)16 40 11 90 - Fax: + 32 (0)16 40 81 47

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