Crossing the Chasm - Market Development for High Technology Start-up Companies

Seminar on Thursday December 5, 2002
(Seminar on Thursday October 24, 2002 has the same content)

Background & Objectives

Many new companies have difficulties introducing their products or services to the market. Often this is because there is no established market for their products.

Not only are they launching themselves as a new company, but they are also trying to create a new market. The introduction of new products into the market usually follows a well characterised model where 'innovators', who buy the first products are followed by 'early adopters' and then the majority of the market follows along.

The objective of this course is to introduce this model and present several practical tools and action plans that can be used to help develop the market.

Contents of the course

• Setting the Scene - The Technology
Adoption Life Cycle
Innovators/Early Adoptors/Early Majority/Late Majority/Laggards
• Defining your Market
Competitive positioning/market segmentation
• The Value Chain
How it changes as the market matures
• The emotional side of selling
Fear, uncertainty and doubt
• Crossing the Chasms
Moving from Innovators to early adopters
Moving from early adopters to the early majority
• Choosing your target market
Small fish in a big pond
Big fish in a small pond
• Tactical alliances to create a whole solution
• Sales Technique and Customer Care
• Case Studies

Target Audience

Technologists in industry, research institutes or academia who want to learn more about marketing.

Marketing staff in technology-based companies who wish to gain insight into the special marketing techniques needed to create new markets or introduce new technology.

Managers of start up companies who want to develop a marketing strategy or understand why their current strategy is not working.

Course Tutor

Dr.J.Malcolm WILKINSON, Senior Consultant with Technology for Industry, Europe's leading consultancy in the application of Microelectronics. TFI manages also several pan-european contracts in Microelectronics.

Information and registration
Innovation & Incubationcenter, Kapeldreef 60, 3001 Leuven

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