High-Tech Growth Management : Module II : Strategy development for high-tech ventures

Prof. Dr. Herman Daems, Chairman of the Board of GIMV, Chairman of the Board of BARCO.
Dr. Ir. Jan Leuridan, Executive Vice-President and Chief Technical Officer, LMS International.

The development of a sound and clear strategy that can be a guiding framework for the years to come is a crucial element in transforming a high-tech start-up into a solid and sustainable company. This module deals with defining and pursuing a sustainable strategy. In this respect, it may prove necessary for a fast-growing high-tech venture to balance a clear focus on the company's core activities, with the development of complementary activities, which may eventually lead to the opening up of promising new opportunities. Beside this need for 'strategic flexibility', the dynamic nature of strategy formation in turbulent environments will be discussed.

General Theme & Programme
The integrated programme on 'High-Tech Growth Management' confronts topics and issues related to the management of growth within high-tech start-ups that have been successfully launched and are now working hard to develop a sustainable position in the market. This programme provides guiding frameworks and insights that are relevant to handling problems frequently encountered during such a trajectory. Themes include the development of a sustainable business model, internationalisation, research & development, marketing and sales, and organisation & human resource management issues.

Structure and dates
The complete programme consists of 8 modules.
Each module is scheduled from 4 - 7 pm.

Module I: Growing pains of a high-tech venture
Tuesday November 26th, 2002
Module II: Strategy development for high-tech ventures
Tuesday December 10th, 2002
Module III: Financing growth & creating shareholder value
Tuesday January 14th, 2003
Module IV: Market development in an international environment
Tuesday January 28th, 2003
Module V: R&D in an international environment
Tuesday February 11th, 2003
Module VI: Operations Management
Tuesday February 25th, 2003
Module VII: Keeping an eye on performance
Tuesday March 11th, 2003
Module VIII: Kennis, kenniswerkers en kennismanagement
Dinsdag 25 maart, 2003

LMS International, Interleuvenlaan 68, 3001 Leuven

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