Finding your way: setting out the milestones.

Session 2 of the Integrated Course on High Tech Growth Management.

A crucial prerequisite for developing a high-tech venture into a solid and sustainable company consists of the articulation of a coherent R & D strategy that can become a guiding framework for years to come. This session deals with outlining a coherent and balanced development trajectory. How to balance short-term versus long-term objectives and the role roadmaps can play in this respect will be discussed. A particular point of concern relates to dealing with shifting market conditions, new technology developments and their impact on your business. Particulary within new emerging technology domains, the notion of 'high velocity' environments may necessitate some strategic flexibility, and the issue then becomes how to handle this need.

Ir. Pieter Groenveld, Groenveld Strategy Support
Dr. Ir. Jan Leuridan, Executive Vice-President and Chief Technical Officer LMS International

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