Creating a balanced organization: people and cooperation processes

Session 7 of the Integrated Course on High Tech Growth Management.

This session deals with 'people' issues and characteristics of cooperation processes in high-tech ventures in a turbulent environment. Managing people is not the first thing one thinks of when establishing a new firm, yet it is a primary factor in a research-based context of knowledge creation. A balanced (management) team and organizing to foster further creativity and development are central points of concern within this session. Since 'creativity' is at the heart of entrepreneurial high-tech ventures, the session will discuss the specific social and personnel practices for becoming and staying innovative: the social growth dilemmas, adapted HRM approaches, and how to 'manage' creativity. These practices will be illustrated with stories of high-tech ventures, and some metaphors such as 'playing' and 'polyphony' will be developed to make the creative process better understandable.

- Prof. Dr. Chris Steyaert, Associate Professor at the Entrepreneurship and Small Business Research Institute (ESBRI), Stockholm (SE).
- Prof. Bo Öberg, Member of the Board of Directors, Medivir AB

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