Healthy Company Conference

International conference on sound workplace health policies. March 31st 2011, Leuven, Belgium.

A sound health policy has a long-term and durable effect on the health of both your employees and your company. At the same time, a sound health policy also generates quickly tangible short-term advantages. In other words: investing in health does pay off. It has visible and tangible effects, both in the long and in the short term.

At Healthy Company 2011 you will learn all about the return on investment of a sound workplace health policy.

Healthy Company 2011 gathers international experts and innovators within the workplace health area. They will present the outcome of recent research, give you fresh insights into innovating models and inspire you with the newest theories on workplace health policies and specific cases.

What responsibility has an employer as to his personal's health and well-being?

Should the government subsidise the companies' health promotion?

How to implement a sound health policy that generates immediate effects?

Learn all about the short and long term effects of a sound workplace health policy.

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